Freshman Year

Health Perspectives

In Health Perspectives, we did a project where we had to make a PSA on a certain group of STD’s , and had to determine whether or not they were extremely severe or not. This project was beneficial because it helped us know the differences in all of the STD’s





In my choir class, we did many versions of sight reading, the sight reading was benificial because since we were able to sight read, it helped us be able to read music better.



Algebra 1

In my Algebra 1 class, we did many different types of math packets. These math packets had problems like Pythagorean theorem, graphing, and different types of equations.



In my ICP class, we did a project where we had to put mentos in coke, and tested to see how far the soda would shoot out. This was a really interesting project because we got to experience science in a sort of fun way.




About Me

My name is Alyssa King. I am sixteen years old, and I am a New Tech Student at Scottsburg High School. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite flower is the sunflower. My favorite movie of all time is Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s an absolute masterpiece. My favorite musicians are Billie Eilish, Khalid, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Queen, Waterparks, Chapel and Pierce The Veil. In my free time, I love listening to music, playing my guitar, and drawing. I’m also very into makeup and love creating all sorts of different looks. Currently, I’m working at Taco Bell which has been a great experience so far since it’s my first job.

French 2

In my French 2 class, we are currently going over er-verbs and recently did a project involving a classmate. We had to get to know someone from our class, and write about them in French. It was a really great experience, and a great way to get to know someone new.

Current Events

In my current events class, we often read articles and have class discussions on the articles that we have read. I really enjoy this class because I like talking about things that are currently going on in the world. Here is an example of ¬†discussion on an article we’ve read

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 1.49.04 PM.png

American Perspectives

In my American Perspectives class, we recently did a project on monuments. For this project, we were assigned to create a monument that was related to the Civil War, and present it to the Major and other important people. My role in this project was to draw out what our monument looked like, and to bring some of the supplies like paint and paint brushes. We put a lot of effort into our project, even though we didn’t get our monument picked to actually be created. The monument project impacts our community because it gives us a chance to add an important piece of history to our town.


Essay from beginning of the year


Family Heritage Presentation

In this presentation, we got to discover our family heritage and deeply discover everything we could about our country of origin. Mine is Scotland. I discovered many things like the activities they do in Scotland, two examples are stone skimming and tug o’ war. I do not have a photo of my trifold, but I do have some information about the two flags and my family free featured on the link above.




Proposal McGinnis_Ethen Proposal Format -4


During our most recent project, we created ideas for the FDR to help improve Scott County. My group came up with substance abuse involving families for our issue. We believe that this issue is not only common, but is a very serious issue happening in Scott County. Our solution was this to connect with Lori Crosdale to possibly create a program called Hope For Families. This program targets children between the ages of 12-18. It would be used to help children who feel unsafe in a home with a relative using substance abuse. Down below is our presentation explaining our topic.

Hope for Families



Our most recent project is doing political cartoons. We have been going over this for about a month and a half, and have gone into great detail on past political cartoons, breaking down everything in the cartoon. Being able to evaluate a political cartoon is an important part of making one. We’ve been working on including things like exaggeration and sarcasm.